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Hello people,

Quick query if I may.
Have limited knowledge on this, would be grateful for a few tips.
The office gets 1) noticeably dry in the winter; 2) we're close to a road & there is limited ventilation (the air quality is not bad, but could be better - especially as we spend a lot of time here); 3) using electric 2.5kw heating at the moment (ouch, the cost).

Thinking of this (seems to be the same thing, though one UK model, one CN model?).…XPT…SQ5

I think that it will help with the dryness and the air quality (still not much air circulation). There is clearly a premium to pay for having both humidifier and air filter in 1 device. If it were you - would you prefer to get a HEPA air filter separately, from a humidifier, or in one device? (the office is fairly small at around 70 m3)

We're installing an air condition unit early next year regardless. Which should resolve/improve the temperature (at a lower cost) & air ventilation - but leave humidity unresolved. Is it sensible to wait for the air con & grab a small £40-50 hudimifer for now, to plug the gap so as to speak?
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