question on my upcoming dvd sale

    hey, i've got about 250 dvds to sell and will be puttin on here in a week or so. do you think £12 for 4 of them inc potage is askin too much?


    £11.99 sounds better

    It all depends on what the dvd's are ? sound ok tho'

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    they're all normal dvd's. region 2. stuff like casino royale, old school etc
    some sealed still, some not

    Not too bad depends on how old they are n stuff really.
    Are they fairly recent ones ... any comedy ones in there???

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    loads of comedies, recent and old. classics and rubbish old tat (rollerball)
    once a few mates have been through them they'll be on here

    Will watch out for them!

    You can buy them out of Asda, and HMV for that so I can't see many people willing to pay that much. They are all second hand afterall.

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    thats the prob i thought i might get. =(

    Id have said £4 was a bit expensive but maybe Im a bit tight but I have seen some major cheapies in the supermarkets lately

    DOH!!!! stupid me - sorry - I had a million things on my mind and wasnt thinking straight.

    £3 sounds ok depending on what you have.

    Apologies for being thick - Ive edited this post so others can see I got the price wrong instead of posting again and others not reading that far!

    It all depends on what you have! Can always post as £4 and wait for the negotiations to start.

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    nooo? it'd be £12 for 4 dvds. which makes it £3 each inc delivery

    £10 for 4 and id be tempted!!

    Ace Hayward;1923976

    nooo? it'd be £12 for 4 dvds. which makes it £3 each inc delivery

    now that you put it like sounds alright. but then again i get loadsa of dvds £3 first hand...SO - I was bout u put the different dvds in categories (cos obviously sum will b worth more) and have deals like (category A, B, C) A+A+B = £xx, A+B+C = £yy etc etc. or maybe thats over complicating things...if you are willing to put the effort in it should have a good outcome...and then you wont get as many offers and people should just buy at stated prices??

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    well they're all listed now!
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