Question on routers for PC! If you change your router.....??

    At the moment when you have a router for your pc to enable wireless networking it hides you real ip address and submits the router's ip address. If you change your router does it produce a new router ip address?


    Nacho Libre


    Depends on which router you are using. Check the instruction manual of the router and it'll say.

    External IPs will change if you have a dynamic address (eg limited lease life) but if you are able to have a static address (usually an additional cost) then your external IP address will stay the same no matter what.

    Ah this is an interesting thread... My explanation..
    Your router has twO IP addresses so to speak (if it has a built in Modem). One is the external IP address that the rest of the internet world identifies you as.. It would be something like 88.X.X.X.. this keeps changing and is assigned by your ISP.
    Then there is your internal IP address of your router. This connects the router to the internal network. It is usually like or or something or even You can have nearly any legal IP address here. If you have DHCP, everything else on the network will get a similar IP address. If you dont have DHCP then you will manually have to assign an IP address in the same Subnet!!
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