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Posted 24th Jan 2013
hi my friend is out of contract on her tariff with O2 and has seen a new contract & phone deal on, also with O2 as she wants to remain on this network. are offering 8 months free line rental (cashback redemption), and its only a good deal for her if she gets the cashback.

However, she also wants to keep the same number.

I contacted to check whether she could purchase the new contract and phone deal from them, and 'transfer' her existing number *without forfeiting her cashback* the small print for getting cashback says that she must inform if she changes the number on the account.

I assumed this would be straightforward as she is now out of contract with O2 on her current tariff, so she just has to purchase new contract via, then request PAC code from O2 to transfer her old number to the new tariff??

But tell me that as well as being out of her 12-month contract with O2, she must also ensure she is out of her 30 day notice period that she is required to leave O2 and release her old number??

I contacted O2 last night and woman there said she is free to leave O2 as out of 12 month contract now and PAC codes are only needed to transfer to another network.

so...any suggestions please? I am so confused... I'll be calling again today....
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