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Posted 24th Jan 2013
hi my friend is out of contract on her tariff with O2 and has seen a new contract & phone deal on, also with O2 as she wants to remain on this network. are offering 8 months free line rental (cashback redemption), and its only a good deal for her if she gets the cashback.

However, she also wants to keep the same number.

I contacted to check whether she could purchase the new contract and phone deal from them, and 'transfer' her existing number *without forfeiting her cashback* the small print for getting cashback says that she must inform if she changes the number on the account.

I assumed this would be straightforward as she is now out of contract with O2 on her current tariff, so she just has to purchase new contract via, then request PAC code from O2 to transfer her old number to the new tariff??

But tell me that as well as being out of her 12-month contract with O2, she must also ensure she is out of her 30 day notice period that she is required to leave O2 and release her old number??

I contacted O2 last night and woman there said she is free to leave O2 as out of 12 month contract now and PAC codes are only needed to transfer to another network.

so...any suggestions please? I am so confused... I'll be calling again today....
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She is out of her notice period surely due to her being out of contract.

I am pretty sure when you give them the pac number it stops the old contracts and enables the new one to be set up.
PAC's are only issued to move provider, I have heard of people getting around this by transferring their number to a different provider on a PAYG and then after a short time back to their original provider,
Thank you so much DaveRushton & Argoj for your replies!! Very very much appreciated.

So once she is on the PAYG tarrif, I presume that because there is no contract with 02 she will be free to transfer the number to the tarrif bought via

Re your point about transferring the number to a PAYG sim on a different provider, I wonder whether O2 would consider transferring her number to a PAYG sim, but sticking with O2. My friend is (infuriatingly!) adamant to stay with O2 rather than move to a different provider for any length of time...

I'm just not sure whether need a PAC code to transfer her number onto the new tarrif we're hoping to purchase... It is so confusing! I am about to call up and see if whoever I speak to has any different advice to the chap I spoke to last time...

THANK YOU once again! ;-)
I obtained my blackberry torch on O2 via dialaphone a couple of years ago using cashback redemption. I was on the O2 network prior to this and did obtain PAC code from O2 in case I moved provider, which I didn't. I contacted O2 via on-line chat because putting request through online on O2 website didn't work. I let them know that I had obtained a new contract and wished to retain my existing number. They took details of new number that I wasn't keeping and set the account up with the number I wished to retain. You are only making a change within O2 and it was straightforward. To comply with the terms of the cashback redemption I updated my mobile number on dialaphone website so that they were aware that there had been a change of number. Received my cashback cheques with no problems whatsoever.
hi Jen29 and dcx_badass brilliant news! its reassuring to hear of your experiences with o2 and keeping same no! after speaking with really helpful sales advisor at today he explained that o2 have only just in the last 2 months allowed number transfers to contracts within their network. previously and at present with other networks, the only solution is to transfer number to a different network on a payg sim, then port number to new network and tarrif. so all in all I shouldn.t need the Pac code as friend staying within the same network, I expect to just call o2 up and request number is transferred onto the new tarrif. just not sure when the old tarrif will expire, maybe only 30 days after we contact them to transfer number... will see!

huge thanks again to everyone who has replied, and I hope this helps others who are looking to purchase a cashback deal, but who need to remain with the same network!

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