Question re: iPhones and O2 etc

    Was reading earlier on Wikipedia, that when getting one of the new iPhones unlike in the USA, over here you don't have to activate it in the O2 Shop - much like the deal earlier in the year when they sold the old ones for £169 and people (inc me!) were just taking them home & Jailbreaking them!

    So what's to stop someone from buying the new iPhone from O2 for £99, saying that they'll activate their £30 - £35 a month contract via iTunes at home and then taking home & Jailbreaking these too?

    Just wondering!



    you have to activate instore only

    As per CRRRAAAIG DAVID, its activated instore, its no longer done via iTunes

    There is however talk of this changing back in the US see here…sh/ but no idea how much they will charge for the phone on that option

    Mine wasn't activated instore, they made me sign the contract though:oops:

    heres the latest news

    In order to service these customers, a special home pre-qualification web site has been set up so that users can find if they are qualified by AT&T for a phone unit subsidy. Users can set up their account at home so that everything is ready to go when they make their iPhone 3G purchase at a retail store. The new “Home” option that retail employees are seeing on their EasyPay terminals is designed to allow them to use this home pre-qualification step to accelerate the transaction of a new iPhone 3G. That also indicates there is no impending potential for unlocked iPhone 3G sales in the US, although this is expected at some point.”
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