Question re. selling contract mobile phones

    When you take out a new mobile phone contract and then decide you don't want the phone :giggle: , and sell it privately, what protection does the buyer have because if you default on the contract, the network operator will blacklist the phone via its IMEI number and it will be unusable for the innocent buyer?

    The network operator wouldn't release the blacklisting just because the new owner requests it.


    The operator won't block the phone for ages after you have defaulted on the payment. The first thing they do is make the Sim incoming calls only, then they stop all activity on the sim.
    If I had bought your phone I'd contact either Paypal or my Credit Card company and try and get my money back. If I get no joy I'd take you to the small claims court.

    buyer has no protection


    buyer has no protection

    Why do you say that?

    because ive seen it happen...had a similar situation in store where I work for o2 p/t. Even with a proof of purchase say from ebay or something to show the ownership has been changed and the phone belongs to someoneelse, they dont give a hoot, the phone was intended for the person under contract and not resale.

    The buck stops with the owner of the contract, and although its the sim thats under contract they will bar the phone through defaulting the contract and will not unbar until the bill has been settled, and due to the TV program on networks not blocking phone quickly enough and o2 being the worst, the have tightened up alot

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    All very interesting! You see, I'm a victim here. I've recently taken out a new contract, sold the phone to a work colleague (who knows where I live, and sits next to me anyway!) and bought another phone on the same network off ebay. The new phone is blacklisted by the network. Yes there are procedures in place by ebay and paypal, so getting my money back shouldn't be a problem, it's just the hassle factor in the meantime.

    It's something I never thought of before, but let this be a warning to potential buyers. If you bought a phone on ebay from someone who had a 12 or 18 month contract and defaulted after the ebay protection period, the network operator would block the phone and you've completely lost the use of it.

    (The seller could even be a hotukdeals member ... I hope not!)

    The mobile companies run a credit check on all new contracts. If you don't get enough points you don't get a contract.
    I had a CCJ on my credit report because of an Insurance cock up, and no mobile company would give me a contract. As soon as I got it removed everything's fine.

    So, along with the mobile companies credit check, Paypal and your credit card you should be OK buying a mobile off ebay etc.

    I would say the person who buys the phone has no protection too, as the contract was between you and thephone company and not the third party.

    Of course I'm no lawyer but it is my humble opinion...
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