Question re turbolister on ebay

I am trying to list using this product but it keeps saying error as I try to upload as I have not entered a handling time or a return policy but I just cannot find where in the template these details are supposed to be entered. No doubt I am being really dense but can someone please tell me where these go? Thanks.


Handling time goes just under the post and packing costs - it says Comestic Dispatch Time - a little pull down menu with 1 day. 2 days, 3 days etc (there is another one for international shipping)

Returns policy needs to go in the options menu - open options, then specify returns for your different type of category (ie fixed price and auction)

Options - Fixed price defaults - Return Policy, then the same for Auction Defaults

You need to tick returns accepted, or returns not accepted (remembering any legal obligations!) and put in your policy

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No I don't have that dispatch time drop down - I really can't see it and I have the latest version of turbolister. please can you be even more specific in case I am just not seeing it? Thanks

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just opened a new template and it is there - but not in stuff I did yesterday - how wierd - thanks very much

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oh and rep added - cheers

No probs - glad you got it sorted (turbolister can be a real headache sometimes - especially when they decide to update it and change everything around overnight!)
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