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    Ok i have a dual core E6550, 4gb ram system and my graphics card is a XFX 8600GTS XXX version 256MB DDR3 DVI PCI-E Graphics Card. Now getting a new mobo SLI mobo tomorrow and was wondering if it would be worth me getting another graphics card like i already have and running in SLI mode or buy a whole new graphics card to replace my exsisting one ?

    Don't have alot of cash hence why i asked if it would be worth getting one like i already have and doing the SLI thing.


    Depending on which is cheapest - sli 8600gts doesn't beat a single 512mb version 8800gt but depending on the price it may be worth it.

    If you are going to buy a single new card I would have to recommend the Hd4850, by far the best performing and cash value card out there.

    forget sli just buy a single card

    oh jocksteeluk, i can see you igniting ANOTHER Nvidia vs ATI war!! lol..

    But having said that, I dont know if the ATI crossfire will work on the SLI board, though I would have thought it shouldnt make a difference. The 4850 and 4870 are brilliant, but still not mature. Zeus, i would suggest sticking with what you have, wait for 2-3 weeks and go for the 4800 series or whatever you fancy then!!

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    why wait 2-3 weeks ? Prices dropping ? and for ATI vs Nvidia i have never been bothered by one or the other as they all seem the same to me. All i use them for is viewing the web and playing games. I don't do any video editing or anything.

    well 2-3 weeks, you'll get a bigger variety in the 4800 series, and you might get a better deal with Nvidia as well. Further, any teething issues with drivers etc might get sorted out. Its not like you dont have gfx card. I wouldnt wait for prices to fall as you'll always get a better deal if you wait. The 2-3 weeks is simply because the 4800 series are on pre order at most places. Wait for them to hit the shelves, you'll have tons of companies bringing their editons in, GDDR4, GDDR5,Oced etc etc!!! Or a XT type.

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