Question regarding console cards, modified consoles etc.

    Why are Ds cards (DSTT, R4, M3 Acecard etc etc) banned from sale?
    They have a LEGITIMATE use for running Homebrew on your Ds (not just downloaded games.

    What makes these so incredibly illegal that they cannot be offered for sale, where as consoles modifies with mod chips or hacked firmware are deemed perfectly acceptable? (360s, wii, and original xbox in particular)

    These things aren't just used for illegal purposes and especially in the case of DS cards many people use these for homebrew software purposes, NOT for pirating games.

    Some of the rules on this site, just seem like they have been written without the use of much grey matter at all. dont get me wrong i totally advocate sales of these things as they are methods of extending the functionality of the goods you have purchased (e.g XBMC)

    I was just wondering if this situation could be explained to me as i just don't get it

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