Question regarding LoveFilm.

    Ive seen quite alot about this in the past... having multiple accounts for the use of a trial. how exactly does it work.. sign up.. (credit /debit card required?) and then order the games/films you want and cancel ?

    Is it that simple.. anything i should know otherwise. Thanks!


    Yes but be warned they've cottoned on apparantly.

    There's been a couple of threads where people have had letters from Lovefilm. Basically saying we're on to you & want payment or they're cancelling your account etc.

    I managed it a few times. Different payment card/postcode etc but I can't be bothered with it anymore.

    For the second time you have to use a postcode that doesnt exist. (and another different one each additional time) E.g. if your postcode is ABC 123, use ABC 127. You can check in google maps/earth if the postcodes exist. Keep it up until they cotton on, at which point you have to send them back and just cancel.

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    Ok thanks, does this include BLU RAYS and 360 games?


    Ok thanks, does this include BLU RAYS and 360 games?

    yup. just read every page carefully, and somewhere there will be a box to tick or a package to select with games. (DVDs and Blurays are included in standard packages). if you do miss out games you can always email them and ask for them to be included and it will be free of charge :thumbsup:
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