Question regarding Mobile Contracts - HTC Hero aka Tmobile G2 Touch

Hi all,

My contract is coming to a close at the end of September . I am with O2 and wanted another decent handset unfortunately(or fortunately) the Iphone doesnt catch my fancy - so currently looking for HTC hero deals.

I found some good deals on here with cashback

My question was : How does the contract work with these guys for those that have experience? Will my contract be with these guys ala Carphone Warehouse or will my contract be direct with the vendor (Tmobile, Orange etc.) . I am currently on an indirect contract with CW and hate it . So if its indirect I would rather go to a direct vendor shop like Tmobile store etc.

Also: For those that got a HTC Hero/G2 recently... what are the great deals y? have got recently.

Many thanks in advance


You are direct with T-Mobile.

My contract (for the G1) is with them atm.

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You are direct with T-Mobile.My contract (for the G1) is with them atm.

Thanks buddy... Rep added...
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