Question regarding O2

    I was just wandering what offers O2 offer new customers... i am currently PAYG with Orange but im looking to change. However i want to know what FREE text bundles they do..

    Eg.. top up £10 a month get 300 free texts (like orange)

    So if anyone knows the current top up rewards etc.. please enlighten me.



    yep 10 quid a month for free texts-its at least 300-might be more-kids all use it

    £15 or more gets 'unlimited' texts per month. Best thing to do is phone or check their website.…ygo

    There is also the reawards thing. When you top up you get a code to enter online. Sometimes you get additional texts/mins/data but there are other prizes as well.

    Dont know if still available but my son tops up £10 and gets unlimited texts £15 gets unlimited texts and unlimited internet access the tarriff is text and web!


    Thats the one lol much more helpful than mine :-)

    Theres also a new(ish) one where you top up £15 and get unlimited calls and texts to other O2 mobiles.


    Thats the one lol much more helpful than mine :-)

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    Ideal thanks guys!

    One last thing.. Can anyone remember the model of a nokia phone? It was very small and had a light up blue keypad... its driving me mad trying to find it.. must be about 6-8 years old now lol

    I pay £10 and get 300 texts and 1.0MB of free internet.
    Then out of that, i pay £5 which gives me unlimited texts to any O2 number.

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    8210 or 8310, both basically the same. 8310 is one you're thinking of … 8210 or 8310, both basically the same. 8310 is one you're thinking of though.

    yeh thats the little beauty.. thanks :thumbsup:

    Me and the wife have just gone from O2 pay monthly to Three pay and go. We get 600 texts when we top up £10 plus 150mb of internet and free 3 to 3 calls plus free skype and free live messenger and the allowence lasts 90 days and the free calls/internet/texts work until the 90 days are up even if you have no credit.

    I was on O2 pay and go previously but thought this was a better deal since we are both on the same one.
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