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Found 31st Jul 2008
Going on a family holiday soon, it is a package holiday and my son is worried we wont be seated together.
Is this really for airlines were you book tickets to a selected destination like easy-jet or Jet2.
Seems that it is another way to fleece us.

Didn't think they would split a family up and don't fancy paying an extra £100 bounds on top of an already overpriced trip..


with these airlines it seems to be "choose your seats as you get on the plane", or "seats allocated on check-in".

easyjet tend to board famillies with children first so you should all be able to find seats together without too much of a problem

We have travelled on many flights & have never paid to sit together but always have ....... It can happen that you are split up but I think if you try & be as early as possible at the check in you should be ok ..

the earlier you get there the more choice you have. obviously pre booked seats have already gone but im sure not all of them will be and that you would be able to get at least 2 seats together. we've never had a problem and have usually sorted the seats out on arrival at the airport - ive never paid the extra!

Normally with children i think they have to sit at least one adult with a child. In all the times i have flown only once where we seperated. Just get to check in, in plenty of time there should be no problem. Watch out for Ryan air though as last time i used them they boarded on a first come basis at the gate with priority boarders first. This led to a lot of single people just taking isle seats etc on rowscausing people to be split up.With BMI and Jet2 i was allocated the seat number at check in.

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Thanks folks.
Your all stars

Going with Thomas Cook from Manchester-----Hurgarda .... Pretty hot there at the moment. Looks like plenty of time in the pool :-)

It's a chance you take. Arriving early at check-in won't help if the other people on the filght have prebooked their seats. You get what you pay for.

I very much doubt that everyone else will have paid for pre booked tickets - I'm sure lots of people feel like you (and I) and don't want to pay the extra charges. If children end up sitting on their own then (in theory) they are unaccompanied minors and I think thats a whole different ball game so I believe they will always sit a child with an appropriate adult (ie travelling companion/parent) but this is only my opinion. I can only go by my experience
I would guess Thomas Cook flights are a little more accommodating anyway than the likes of EasyJet etc

As a family of four we have never paid for sit together seats, imo I think it's a total rip off.
We have always been sat together, just made sure we get to check in as it opens and politley ask are we all together, it's always worked for us.
Have a great holiday.

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Thanks Lisat and all who replied.....

Been a long time in coming Seven years since we had a decent warm holiday.
Always been camping. Don't get me wrong, camping is great but can be very stresfull....
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