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    We are just about to sign up to Sky. My housemate wants to get multiroom for his bedroom but he doesnt have an aerial point in his room, just a plug. I am pretty sure it is not possible for him to do it without an aerial point, am I right?

    Thanks in advance. Rep will be given.


    As far as I am aware,an aerial point is needed to watch analogue or freeview.

    If you have multiroom the cable will come from the dish,to the skybox and you watch tv through the skybox only,no aerial needed.

    I have cable and do not use my aerial at all now,just the cable feed......I presume the same thing can be done with sky,though someone with sky may be able to confirm that this is the case.

    I have sky multiroom in my bedroom - I already had an aerial but dont need that now because sky install a cable which acts as an aerial too

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    Great, thanks everyone!
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