Question Regarding Sky !

    I've just finished registering for Sky HD @ £49 Plus Multiroom, that went through fine. Now upon completing registration we were offered Sky Line Rental & Sky Talk Unlimited for half price for 6 Months (£10PM)(£15PM after 6 Months) so we took up the offer (Currently with BT). Completing that we were then presented with a page confiming our order but Sky Line Rental was missing as it stated we already have Sky Line Rental (We don't !) so on tracking our order Sky Talk Unlimited is displayed but no Line Rental.

    So do you think the order will have gone though ?. If I call sky to confim and it hasn't gone through will they honor the deal (Line Rental half price for 6 months).

    I guess the easiet option would be to ring them ! Thought I'd post and get some opinions anyway.




    I guess the easiet option would be to ring them !

    ******s didnt offer me half price line rental

    Can I ask a question re your Sky HD. Like you I registered on Sunday for Sky HD and was told that this is a 1 years contract. Today I received a confirmation letter and there is a paragraph that states a second minimum term of another year. Looks like there is a 2 year contract with Sky HD. Does anyone else know anything about this or would it be best just to query it with them. Perhaps it is a two year minimum contract but I'm not happy with this. Especially if prices are going to be falling. Any help / advise greatly received.

    Thank you.
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