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    I know this has probably been asked before but I can't seem to find a straight answer.

    Basically I've already got a standard sky box but have been offered a sky hd box (for free from a mate) and was wondering if there's anyway of getting the sky+ side of things to work without installing a new cable? Is there like a splitter box or something that would work? I'm not too bothered about the hd side of things but really want the + side of things.

    Thanks for any help.

    We can't get a new cable installed currently as the current one runs over the roof an


    you need two seperate feeds for sky plus so no you can't

    You need two cables or a dual cable and a quad LNB,

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the replies and ******... no chance of a second cable atm

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    sorry to dig up my old thread but i just wanted to check again as i've been reading the hd box will work with just the one cable and the only think i won't be able to do is record 2 channels at the same time..

    can anyone confirm this? or go into more details.. thanks

    You'd only be able to record what you are currently watching that couldn't record a different channel to the one you have on.

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    cool.. thats all i need it to do..

    does anyone know if you have to pay extra if you supply your own box? i'm not interested in the hd packages etc
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