Question regarding Tesco clubcard vouchers

Strictly speaking are you allowed to exchange the tokens for vouchers and then give them away? For example, I just bought a magazine subscription for a friend. Am I "officially" allowed to do the same with say pizza express restaurant tokens and other things? What am I able to give away and what must be kept in original club card holders name? Thanks


I thought that magazine subscriptions had to be in the club card holders name and address?|Magazines

Things to remember…

• Rewards tokens are not transferable and will be issued with the name shown on your Clubcard vouchers and may be printed with your postcode.

• Terms and conditions apply, please see the bottom of the page.

I'm sure I got a mag subcription for someone and had it sent to their address...was a year or 2 ago now tho:? Not sure about pizza tho....hasn't got ur name on it tho has it?? So they'd never know would they?? 'Officially' tho...sorry not 100%

yes I bought National Geographic and could gift it to my daughter and I also had £80 worth of La Tasca vouchers for £20 and gave them to my daughter

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that's what I thought - just the mag subscripions (they can definitely be gifted). You can send Thorntons chocs too I think and the restaurant vouchers - they never check.

Nah, there's no way they can tell certainly with restaurant vouchers.

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Tesco told me today that restaurant entitled to ask for other form of id and if you don't have any refuse to accept them. I have never ever been asked even if the vouchers were mine


Nah, there's no way they can tell certainly with restaurant vouchers.

my restaurant vouchers had my name on them:thinking:

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yes they do have a name but they have never asked me and I have used them lots of times - the restaurants "want" the vouchers

Magazine subscriptions ask for your details, but they allow you to put a second address as the person you are 'gifting' the magazine too.

We have done magazine subscriptions for people before

The restaurant vouchers do have a name on, but I have never been asked for ID. Could be a problem if you tried to pay the outstanding balance with a credit/debit card in a different name though?

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good point - thanks
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