Posted 23rd Dec 2022 (Posted 1 h, 18 m ago)
so im currently watching jim careys Scrooge which i watch every year and we have just noticed something.
on the 2nd night the ghost of Christmas present comes and says that he can see a crutch in the corner and an empty seat obviously referring to tiny Tim.
but we cannot understand why the ghost of Christmas present can see into the further ?
surely its the 3rd ghost of Christmas future that can see this ?
are we being thick or is this a mistake in the story/movie.
thanks for any input and happy Christmas
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    Thank you for taking the time to post those links.
    I have just read the content but still cannot see an explanation as to how the ghost of Christmas present knows that Tiny Tim will die if Scrooge doesn't change his ways ?,
    The ghost says that Tim WILL die, but how does the ghost know without knowing the future which is the 3rd ghost ?
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    Wild guess.
    Not sure Dickens was into guess work
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    or at least call in Bruce Willis.
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