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Question regarding Virgin Hub, DHCP, modem mode etc.

Posted 26th Apr 2020
I've got a slightly odd setup.

I have Virgin Media, with a Hub 3.0 router. After all the discussion on here about raspberry pi I decided to install pihole on one of mine. I've got it running and it seems to work well but I have to set the DNS settings on each device as the Hub 3.0 doesn't seem to let me choose my own DNS.

Having had a quick read, I need to put it into modem mode. However I never wanted to do that because last time I tried modem mode it disabled all of the other ports on the router.

My current configuration is that the router is near the TV downstairs, and has a variety of things plugged in, one of these does go to a gigabit switch which then has a gigabit wireless router which currently has DHCP disabled. The switch and the router are upstairs at the other side of the house, via a long cat 6 cable.

Is there any way I can work with what I've currently got? I can disable DHCP on the virgin box, and enable it on the wireless router upstairs - would that work? Would it become the default gateway?

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