Question regarding windows 7

    Hi guys,

    Basically got a packard bell laptop with windows 7 installed. Basically everytime the laptop turns on bit by bit its starting to Dissapear/change...For example.. it has gone back to the OLD windows task bar... sites arent displaying fully.. I.E... the webpage only displays a certain amount of information. Everyday it just gets a little worse.

    I have had this trouble in the past but that was because my vista wasnt activated... However this one is fully activated so i cannot think what else it could be?

    Any suggestions as its really weird. Its obviously not the web browser as its like it opn all browsers.



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    the start bar(menu) looks like windows 98!

    I would recommending restoring it back to factory settings so you have a fresh OS.

    You're not just on the Windows Classic theme are you?

    Are your Gfx drivers up to date? Are all your drivers & windows itself up to date?

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    All sorted now guys! thanks rep for you both



    All sorted now guys! thanks rep for you both

    sorted? How?
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