Question to people who will buy/bought Samsung S20

Posted 1st Mar
Hi guys,

I just wanted to ask those who has chosen a phone from S20 line up:

which one did you go for, S20/S20+/S20 ultra?

This is no a discussion on which other phone is better/worse etc.
I am buying new S20 but I am not really sure which one to go for, currently rocking 5.9" inch phone and was thinking of S20 Ultra for a while but I am really scared that the phone itself is just too big.

Would love to hear what you guys went for and what was the resoning behind it.

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Ultra, because camera and battery and I have large man hands.
If you're getting one anyway just stump up a bit more and get the Ultra.

These phones always seem big when you first see them but you soon become accustomed to them. I have been using the note series since they began and I look at friends and work colleagues phones and wonder how they deal with the tiny screen sizes of various models which they have.

Waiting to see what the new Note has in store for us.

But yeah, Ultra all the way
What happend to S11 to S19, did we jump a decade?
ive just got the basic s20
I went for s20+ because ultra too big, id prefer the s20 size with ultra specs
i am looking to upgrade my s9 this summer but looks like samsung is not going to do a new version of the s10e and have abandoned the smaller smart phone. i saw that they have the new galaxy fold and huawei is also coming out with a fold phone. the galaxy fold is ridiculously expensive though and information on it is sketchy.

i was thinking maybe the future for me is the fold phones as folded, they will be small enough?
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