question vw golf and family of five.

    Hmm will be getting a replacement car and am struggling to decide. I have a wife, and 3 kids. The 2 youngest need car seats and having a hard time deciding what car to get. I have used 4x4s but quite honest fed up with these. We don't travel a lot but I do a lot of motorway driving and was hoping to get a vw golf. Was wandering if anyone has had experience of having 3 children sat at the back with 2 car seats on these?. I have searched online but nothing coming up. If the vw golf isn't big enough which am assuming it isn't then I will just go for the ford kuga. Your thoughts appreciated.


    We're in the same boat with 3 kids and 2 needing seats and when looking found the golf little too small. The eldest in the middle didn't really have any shoulder room.
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    not big enough for 3 in back

    they do a golf plus which is bit bulkier but more room. what bout a passat?

    If you fancy taking a gamble on French reliability, the Citroen C4 Picasso is roomy front and back with a decent sized boot.

    If you do want an all out MPV and what you need is something like the Toyota Verso which is MPV - come family hatchback.…ew/

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    Golf is definitely to small for two child seats and a person.
    From VW go for Touran (I'm very happy from my) or Skoda Superb which was my second option when was buying.
    Both are great cars, but I choose touran because you sitting higher and is easier to park in small spot

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    Grr many thanks guys so vw golf is out. I thought as much was just pushing it to be honest. The rest are too big, the ford kuga is cheaper for me to buy. Passat will be big enough but I just don't fancy it's looks but might consider it. Thanks all.

    Not sure whether this would be any good, my sister has a Seat Aleta XL.

    u won't fit 2 car seats and another kid in the back comfortably... welcome to the crappy world of people carriers...stick to XC90...

    Skoda Yeti?

    divorce get an rs4 avant then the kids will have room , how about a bmw M5 touring?

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    Thanks went for a kuga in the end, great car and lots of space.
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