Found 24th Dec 2009
Looking to buy a Saxo Furio and have got a couple of question:

1. Do they have central locking?
2. Have easy as they to get robbed/ broken into?
3. How can I improve the security of one?
4. Do they have power steering?
5. Do they have ABS breaking? ( or what ever you call it)

opinion of it for a first car...

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1) From what I know yes, and it is remote as well
2) it has an immobolisor, so will be the same to break into as any other car, just take longer to drive away
3) Get an after-market alarm fitted/always try to park in safest place possible etc...usual tips.
4) Yes
5)I don't think so - but not 100% with the Furio.

2) The same as any other car to get broken into, the weak point is always the glass (unless you are talking armoured cars) so flicking a piece of ninja rock (google this if you aren't sure what it is) at it will quickly eliminate a window as an obstacle.
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