questions for people getting mass effect 2

    ok, as a few on here would know, im an xbox gamer and loved the game mass effect. really cant wait for mass effect 2.
    as its getting closer i decided to pre-order the game. noticed i couldnt get the collectors edition on amazon but only from game related shops. (grrr) so i've put in a pre-order with gamestation. now, i've noticed on amazon they do a pre-order bonus item if i buy the standard edition from them and now have their own pre-order bonus item. so to get a definative version of this game i've pre-ordered with gamestation, play and amazon and also bought dragon age so i could get the content code from that....
    am i mad?
    anyone else doing this?
    why cant they release it all in 1 copy (i.e collectors)?


    Yes, you are. :thumbsup:

    I am sure you will be able to buy the various fancy extras in-game, within a few weeks of the release.

    Original Poster

    possibly, but not always the case with pre-order items

    Also keep in mind that these bonuses could be replaced latter on during the game(better upgrade). See them as extra not a reason to buy for X shop. Personally I am waiting a little longer for my order in the hopes of some money of vouchers.

    Also if like many others that I have read across many forums, don't by from shops just to get he bonus as most in my experience want all promotional items back in the same condition along with the game. Used code may result in no refund.

    DLC would be cheaper surely

    Original Poster

    the codes get emailed to me upon dispatch. im planning to keep collectors and send the other 2 back. that way i get my money back =)
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