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    I want to buy a dab radio that you can delay a recording on - say I miss a 10am show I can turn on at noon and listen to it - do lots of radios have this function?

    Also I want to listen to radio in 2 different rooms - best to buy 2 seperate radios or is there some kind of whizzy thing that lets you do this remotely? Thanks


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    try or … try or for dabs. HTH.

    thanks. rep added. Do you have any experience of the recordable ones?

    I've got one of the original Pure Bug's which have the ability to record to an SD card.
    You can also set it up to time record - but my version can only manage something like 10minutes.
    Not sure about current versions though - check Pure's website. But probably not very cheap, I think the bug was circa £110 when new - I bought mine half price when they bought in the bug2

    its generally the more expensive one's that have 'record' capability, as linked above. re the 2 different rooms, you could buy an audio sender to distribute the signal around but that would end up being pretty expensive so you might be better of getting two seperates (and double your recording capacity too!)

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    thanks for these thoughts - rep added


    thanks. rep added. Do you have any experience of the recordable ones?

    sorry, no. but sound quality wise roberts are really good. a bit on the expensive side but well worth it.

    Have you thought about downloading the podcasts of the show you want to listen to?
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