Questions on Homeplugs and my Understanding of them

    My friend has a Son and Daughter, the son has an Xbox which his sister constantly plays on (online call of duty @ 10 year old and loves it) anyway the brother is peeved so his mother has told her if she wants an xbox she can sell her Wii and get one.

    She has asked me about connecting the 2 xboxs wirelessly to save wires everywhere, I looked at the Official wireless adaptors and they are £40+ each and obviously they would need 2. So looking at Homeplugs to do the job but just want to clarify what type how many and how easy is it to set up.

    First, they have a Sky Sagem ADSL wireless router and this is my thinking of how it would all work.

    They would need 3 Homeplugs, 1 plugged in near the Sky router connected by a Ethernet cable the other 2 in each of the kids rooms connected to there xboxs by ethernet also (am I right so far)

    So can they both be on the XBOX LIVE at the same time without any serious lag and is it a plug and play setup or is there alot of security codes to input etc.

    So if I am right in that they need 3 Homeplugs, can you buy a triple pack and what would you recommend.



    Have never used homeplugs so can't offer any first hand experience but I read though the threads when a good deal on them gets posted up here and they sound like they're plug and play. They won't need security codes like wireless.
    You do need to check that the upstairs circuit is connected to the downstairs if the Xboxes are upstairs and the router is downstairs though - that's nothing to do with the devices, more the setup of the wiring of the house.

    As for buying 3 - yes you need 3. I would personally get a 'starter pack' which usually consists of 2 plugs and then buy a third one separately. Make sure the third one is the same model. Not essential that they're the same I don't think but it'll save any possible compatibility headaches..

    oh and lag - don't think you'll see any. As long as other computers on the network aren't downloading/uploading anything then it'll be fine. Don't think XBL uses that much bandwidth really..

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    Thanks Guys, had a look on Amazon and there are various models and speeds would 85mbps be enough or would 200mbps be better or just overkill.


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    cheers, cant give you rep dcx sorry as i already gave you.

    repped oldman ta.


    yeah I use homeplugs, very easy and work perfectly. stick 1 into plug socket, plug ethernet into modem....stick other homeplug into socket somewhere else, stick ethernet into it and whatever your connecting....

    So 1 on xbox, 1 on PS3 and 1 for PC
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