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    In Adwords would I need to bid for "hotel london" and "london hotel" or would one return all the results or would 2 keywords "Hotel" and "London" be better or doesn't it matter because I only pay for what was entered on that search/click?




    I put as many as possible on mine, eg.

    photographer barnsley
    barnsley photographer
    photography barnsley
    south yorkshire photography
    wedding barnsley

    etc etc

    You only pay for the ones that get clicked on so it doesn't really matter and can't hurt to put as many as possible.
    Google reviews the ones that are most attractive so you can delete the underperforming ones at a later date.

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    Thanks. Any other tips?


    Thanks. Any other tips?

    Try and put your cheapest prices/special offers in your text but try and keep it specific or you'll end up paying for clicks that you didn't have to.

    Be specific with your area, don't just say London. That way you'll avoid everyone and their mother clicking just to see if it's something they want.

    Try and show your prices, then you'll avoid paying for people clicking just to see the prices. If it's there in front of them they'll know if they want to have a look or not.

    But basically, just give it a try and see what works for you. Cap your daily limit too so your costs don't spiral out of control. I keep mine at £1 a day and I think my cost per click is 35p.

    Allow them to use sponsored links too. I've had a couple of people tell me that they found me on eBay but that's because Google advertises at the bottom of the pages (again using relevant search terms) so if they put 'Weddings Barnsley' into eBay they might see an advert for me.

    If you have any other questions just ask :thumbsup:

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    Thanks. I've set it all up now so I'll just have to see how it goes now.


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