Quick bit of citylink advice please :)

    Package supposed to be delivered today, saw the van drive by at 1pm, looking a bit lost, rang the local depo, on hold for 5 minutes, then told it wasnt my delivery van anyway and mine would be here shortly.

    Waited in all day despite needing to go out.

    What time does the local depo (scunthorpe i think it came up as) stop accepting calls? And what time do they deliver to?

    Thanks, just really need the parcel today, and ive been put out waiting in all day


    have you got an online tracking number for your parcel? I have known citylink to deliver up to 8pm this time of year.

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    Thanks for that
    Yep ive got the tracking facility, was put on the van at 8.06am :giggle:

    Ive rang them again, and your correct, this time of year there delivering upto 8pm, the driver isnt answering his mobile as theyve tried to call him to find out whats going on :giggle:

    Thanks for replying

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    Doesnt look like its coming today, will i be able to claim for having to stay in all day cos im really annoyed with them

    I waited all day yesterday myself for citylink - according to their website they reckon they attempted delivery,which they definately did not, there was no way that driver knocked this door , so im phoning them soon as they open to find out exactly what they are playing it, sounds to me driver had so much to deliver, time was getting on so he decided to say unable to deliver!!

    As if they cant get any replies they leave a card through door - strange i didnt get one of them either - so needless to say im annoyed lol, they better not tell me I have to wait an extra few days now for delivery or the company i purchased from is going to be informed of their delivery policies as well !!! Im not sure in regard to claiming though there is a contact us form on their website for their head office worth telling them, I certainly am lol

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    I did, i still havent recieved a reply.
    It was delivered, but at 8.15pm, latest delivery is supposed to be 8pm.

    i got mine today at 5pm !! - and all that fuss and one item has to go back lol
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