quick CEX buying question ....... can you stack vouchers ?

Posted 3rd May 2015
so looking to buy something from CEX online and want to use vouchers from a WTD thread I made here

but before I commit to but the vouchers I have a quick question - can you use more than one voucher to make up the CEX basket amount?

I see from the CEX help pages this comment ....

How do I pay using CeX voucher?
1) Please place your order and proceed to checkout.
2) Select the voucher tab on the payments screen.
3) When prompted, fill out the necessary boxes with your voucher details. Your voucher number is 2 letters, followed by a series of numbers (e.g - HQ12345) and can be found either underneath or next to the barcode on your voucher.
4) Profit!

but this mentions voucher in the singular .... does this imply you can only use one voucher per transaction?


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