Quick Charge 3.0 or Power IQ 2.0

Found 26th Jul
I am looking for a 20000 mah plus powerbank for my galaxy s7.
What do I look out for if i want to charge my pone within 2 hours, is it quick charge 3 or power iq 2.0?

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Hi. Both will charge your phone within 2 hours. IQ has its own technology to determine the speed your phone can charge, therefore it will not be much different. On your phone, it will say fast charging with the QC3 option, and will take 1hr 30 ish, and IQ2 would say 1hr 40 but as Standard Charging.
Qualcomm's Quickcharge 3.0 is a USB signalling standard to deliver a certain amount of power. 'PowerIQ 2.0' appears to be an Anker advertising term for support of various different USB signalling standards, although their webpage is unhelpful and just says that it covers 'most high speed protocols'

It appears that the S7 supports Qualcomm Quickcharge 2.0 and it's probably a bit early to support USB Power Delivery. It should support USB Battery Charging but it's likely if you want the hardest charging then a charger supporting Quickcharge 2.0 or above is your best bet.

EDIT: Looking around it appears Qualcomm Quickcharge 3.0 is one of the protocols that are supported by devices that Anker advertises are PowerIQ 2.0
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Thanks for your help, it was greatly appreciated.
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