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Found 22nd Aug 2017
Just bought something £40 and used a £35 voucher I had with Nectar so only paid £5. Seller now advising they need to refund as the money didn't go to their correct Paypal account as they for some reason had their PayPal account email as gmail when it is hotmail!

They are going to cancel transaction (not sure how that will work and refunding me if they don't technically have the money)! Will I get the voucher back straight away as I want to use it to bid on a different item tonight.

Can't help think this is all BS.
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The transaction is for £40 regardless whether it paid partly by voucher or not so they should refund you £40 as that is what they received so you shouldn't be out of pocket, hope all goes ok, Glen X
not an official ebay statement but they should refund you according to some internet forums (eg here community.ebay.co.uk/t5/…831) . Probably you will have to contact them though.
Good luck!
Phew all sorted. I got a refund, then we had to repeat and the seller updated their payment details. Thank god the money was unclaimed in a Paypal address so it just got refunded back. All done!
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