Quick electrical question for the sparkies about ceiling light

Posted 28th Jun
I've been replacing all my ceiling lights and I've come across a couple where the wires are too short for me to attach to the light terminal. Was going to buy some connectors and some cable to extend. Just checking if this stuff would be OK, only need about 6 inches so was going to get a short white coil of cable from screwfix and split it and cut 6 inches each of the earth, neutral and live cables, then attach to these clips.


Ps all cables are modern, house had full rewire couple of years ago.
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I’m no sparky but pretty sure it’s 1.5mm cable for lighting. Connectors look fine, connector blocks or lever connectors would also do the job.
1.5mm will be fine. Remember to isolate the power.
Isolate and check, then check again!
Read the reviews on those connectors. Despite the description the reviews are clear that it is not suitable for stranded cable; a flexible cable will be stranded.
Agree with mas, the connectors are good but not really suitable for stranded cable which the flex will be. You’d be better with lever type connectors, a bit more expensive but will be better for the job. Screwfix do them just do a search for lever connectors on their website
All sorted now thanks for the tips. Lever connectors were much too bulky for what I needed. Not sure if that cable from Screwfix was stranded but it didn't look it. Got a small length of 3 core solid wire from a friend in the end and stripped it. Neutral and live had their own housing and just added earth tape to the earth wire.. Used a terminal form my old lights to connect.
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