quick glasses question/ headaches? please help


    recently i have been told i have to wear glasses

    i had a weak prescription of .50 for each eye

    i got the glasses this morning and wore them for a hour when driving - as i have been advised

    i have took them off and i have a bad headache = its not too bad - but annoying none the less, i also feel a little sick/nausious

    i want to know how long this will last and if it is normal - now i know no one will know how long it will last - but i need help

    ive got a important football match tonight and i play in goal.

    so i need to be headache free and be stable on my feet


    I had that same problem when I first started wearing mine, many years ago. I went back to the Optician and apparently the nose part was too tight. I had no idea, it didn't feel tight or whatever.
    Cured the problem straight away.

    Original Poster

    its when i have took them off that i have the problem
    i dont want to try putting them back on is i really need to be ache free tonight


    its when i have took them off that i have the problem

    That's when my headaches started.
    Why don't you give the Opticians a call?

    Original Poster

    i will do - no problem

    thanks..... is driving me loopy

    i have 2 hours after i get home to prepare for fooy

    so i will see how i feel after 2 hours after taking them off

    if i am ok i will wear them on the way home

    if not i will start tomorrow

    It could be that the headaches are being caused by eye strain/concentrating too hard/ill fitting glasses/etc

    You really need to get back to the optician & ask for advice.

    (Alos, it's not unknown for prescriptions to change in between the eye test & getting the glasses!)
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