Quick guide - iPhone 3G 4.0 to 3.1.3/3.1.2 please ?

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Found 7th Aug 2010
I need to do the title please and I can't find the best guide so if any of you have done it, please tell me what the guide is

Thanks and rep (if it can be done still)

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The best place, with walkthrough guides is iClarified. There are downgrading tutorials as well as pretty much everything else. Just be careful and READ and re-read. good luck. Your text here Notice on that page there are 2 wizards which may also be worth looking at for later.

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I have done it now thanks and lost all my contacts

I dont have a clue how to get them back now :-/ :'( - its my aunties business phone too - so i'm knackered!

assuming the phone was synced and backed up in itunes..you can do a restore and get them back BUT this will also upgrade you again. Maybe you can do that and save the contacts, write them down if necessary (could be a real pain I know).

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please say you knew that when you restore an iphone you lose eveything hence guides tell you to back it up. explain whats wrong with it

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i knew but for some stupid reason i didnt do it :-/ i had her phone synced with my computer a while back and it was recognised but now its seams that it has been saved over

itunes is gay.

If the contacts are on the sim card then you can go to settings/mail, contacts, calendars then scroll down to import sim contacts, hit it couple of seconds later happy days back flip yourself down the road!!
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