Quick help please, baking a cake - middle or bottom oven shelf?

Posted 24th Jul 2010
As above

Recipe tells me to preheat oven to 160c and put cake to bake for 1hr 15mins, but I dunno whether I shold put it on the bottom or middle shelf

Help please, its ready to go in LOL!

Thanks x
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any if its a fan oven but i use the middle!

any if its a fan oven but i use the middle!

Really, I thought things cook quicker at the top, mine isnt a fan oven
it will be hotter at the top and cooler at the bottom unless gas? def middle imo me mam says lol and shes here i asked her.
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i say middle to be safe, whether fan assisted or not , a cake cooked to quickly will be overcooked/burnt on outside and undercoked on inside (_;)

lol, undercooked !!!
i dont know personally for gas but me mum says middle too for any
Thank you x x x
i always put cakes, pies in the middle shelf.

Is something burning?
let us know how it tuned out? pic please!
Too shy for pics and too much effort to puts pics

Orange cake with semolina, new recipe - will review it after tea

Thanks again, cooked nicely
oooh have done apple with brown flour was delish-if its good leave us the recipe please?
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Mmmmm... It's very good - quite a long recipe (no fancy ingredients though) so please let me know if you will defnitely use it and I will type it up for you
aww if its long np i dont want you going to a lot of trouble. Im glad you enjoyed it xx
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