Quick iPhone question...

    When going into 'Settings-General-Usage' - The 'Cellular Network Data' part, is that how much data has been transferred to/from the iPhone over 3G?

    If it is, is there any way of finding out how much you have done through wi-fi?


    Unfortunately No

    Original Poster


    Unfortunately No

    And that answers what part?

    The wi-fi thing i'm not so bothered about as its unlimited. The general internet through 3G is unlimited too at minute but with o2 about to start restricting the amount can that be downloaded through 3G, thought i'd try and see how much i use.

    The cellular network data is the total 3G usage since the last reset of those statistics. If you have a looksy at your bills on the o2 website it'll show your 3G usage each day/month. Dont think you can check your wifi usage tho.
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