Quick LOVEFILM question

    I joined up with a 3-months free code, which is due to run out on 4th December.

    If I want to cancel do I need to give 30 days notice or anything or can I just click 'cancel' the day before I am due to be charged?

    Rep to be had


    i would cancel a few days before. just make sure you have returned all discs and have emptied your list!

    works for me! oh, do it late at night. like 11pm, otherwise it tries to get you to phone.

    When I cancel i do it 1 week before its due to cancel (cancel through your account when you are logged in)....then send the disc's back. They need to have the disc's back by the day you are due to be charged or they will start charging

    oh, and then make sure to rejoin for another 3 months using another code. dfg9ae6r4 should work for previous customers

    yes what ever you do don't phone took me ages to to convince the lassie at the other end I wasn't going to stay :-D

    Late at night online works for me

    Original Poster

    Thanks loads all of you, will do the rep rounds shortly!

    One more thing, if I do find another code, for existing members, can I add it now (I mean, would the code start from now) or should I wait till the end of the term?

    I'd wait till the end cos yer already getting the next 3 months free arn't you?

    Canx then dig up another code at the time :thumbsup:


    dfg9ae6r4 should work for previous customers

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