Quick Malta trips - ideas please!

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Hi guys,
Would appreciate some ideas for a quick trip to Malta. Get there next Wednesday noon & return on early Friday flight. Very short visit - though want to see what I could. Got to meet a colleague in Gozo for half a day at least (ferry and back).

As the return flight is early - will book a hotel near the airport. Won't be driving this time - is it easy to get from point A to point B in Malta without a car?

What might be a few places I must see? So far noted down Vittoriosa to see; it has been also suggested to visit Mdina in the early evening & try some desserts/pastry / art. your experience and tips will be appreciated
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Been to Malta a few times and not bothered with car hire. Quite scary watching the local drivers. No giving way or stopping for traffic. Buses were relatively cheap and frequent to all parts of the island. The capitol was very busy with a lot of designer shops and plenty of places to eat. Also enjoyed Mdina. No problem getting bus to either place. You will walk around a corner and suddenly come across the most amazing sculpture, building, gardens, etc. Fascinating place.
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