quick one chromecast or fire stick

    Just a quick one i wanted to know what best for my daughter fire stick or chromecast i know nothing ?
    She wants to cast stuff from laptop to tv like iplayer, itv and other stuff from phone. I have prime would it be best with fire stick and does this cast stuff also thanks thick dad


    Firestick in my opinion!

    Firestick for me but better if you have Amazon Prime.

    Chromecast, more flexibke imho.

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    I have prime so she can use that can the fire stick cast other stuff or is the chromecast best for this ?

    I'll add to the votes for fire stick.

    chromecast is best for casting but the firestick may have an app for it. i.e. bbc iplayer available as an app on firestick


    fire stick is more useful for such things like kodi and what else it can bring (im sure you can google it or someone else will tel you, i wont),

    but chromecast is fine if the only need / want is to cast from laptop (ofc the kodi thing can be done on chromecasts too but its more of a pain than on fire sticks)
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    Fire stick, even better with prime.

    firestick here





    altho pc works just fine, as do smart tvs for kodi and more, i think he wanted one or the other

    Firestick.. It has has a remote. You don't need phone to use it and you can get Iplayer and other features on a firestick. You can use the mirror cast if needed to. Many mobile phones come with mirror cast already installed if needed. Are you a amazon prime or happy to pay for it? If no then the Google Chrome cast would be better. That's how I see it.

    firestick always you can put bt app on it and get HD if you only have sd bt on sky
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    Fire stick. It's Android. Do more. Casting apps still available for firestick. So you have fire stick and chrome cast in 1.

    Chromecast is better, who needs remotes cluttering up the place!

    Firestick better can put kodi on it features. Plex etc. For casting I think chromecast better as apps for the stick are not free

    most certainly firestick I have 2 firesticks and 1 chromecast which gathers dust , you can do far more with a firestick

    apps for the stick are free. I dont think site rules allow me to name them unfortunately

    Chromecast easier to use. Firestick more features. Depends on price though.
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