Found 6th Nov 2008
Just a quick question for the more experienced HUKD members. Are you allowed to sell copied games on here???

I've just had a PM from some1 offering me a copied game that isnt out yet. Just want to make sure I am right before reporting him!

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you are right. no copies on here

Nope. No counterfeit items to be traded

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ok how do i report this person?


ok how do i report this person?

click "Contact Us" at the bottom of your screen. tell the mods/admin the details and leave them to sort it out

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ok thanks. Been reported.

Rep left for all

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the porter;3388431

grasssss ;-)

stick to the rules ;-)

Snitch lol

NOUT ILLEGAL ON HERE BRO. oops soz bout caps

buy it off him, then grass on him!



(/sarcasm on)
Yeah right. Nothing illegal on here.

The site is squeaky clean :whistling: No talk of mod chips and roms and backups.

(/sarcasm off)

also as well as no copies no dealing in private

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yeah he was selling copied software not chipped or modded stuff.
How much would it cost to copy a game?? A £1 for the disc. So he was selling above rrp as well as dealing in private!!!!

wanna buy dvd

what was he selling and how much for?

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what was he selling and how much for?

a football game thats not even out yet for £5 (PC version)
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