Posted 12th Dec 2012
A number of obscured double glazed windows installed like in the bathroom etc. One had to be 'replaced' as it was a plain glass instead of obscured.

A different glazier came out (from same firm) and replaced it- but that piece has been put in differently from the rest of the windows - the printed glass side is on the INSIDE of the house, whereas the previous guy put the printed side to the OUTSIDE of the house?!

The embossed surface is on the inside of the cavity (so there is just plain glass that needs to be cleaned)


I would like to know how most privacy can be obtained - with the printed glass to the inside of the house or the outside? It might be my dodgy eyes, but it seems to be its much harder to peek in when the obscure glass side is to the inside of the house.

How should it be? what's the correct way?
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