quick question about device manager

    hi. Iv just went on device manager in control panels and looked under processors and it lists my processor "AMD ATHLON (TM) 64 X2 DUAL CORE PROCESSOR 3800+. its listed TWICE (theres 2 of them) there identical in description.

    Iv recently upgraded to vista premium (free upgrade),do you think this could of duplicated the processor. just wondering what would happen if i deleted one of them.would anything happen? like my computer not work

    do you think its making my computer slow by having 2 of them

    Thanks in advance


    Would it not list each core as a separate device? I only just found out that on task manager you can assign operations to a specific core, which would imply it would appear twice in device manager.

    It's because you have a dual core processors - that's like having two processors in one PC.

    Also comes up if your motherboard accepts hyper threading

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    o right so its totally normal.

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    is there a way i can check what my PSU is on device manager,and what iv used my RAM memory on

    Thanks for the help

    CTRL+ALT+DEL to open task manager and look at your processes tab. I then sort in order of RAM use to find out what's hogging the system. Really shocking how much RAM something like Firefox can gobble up.

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    thanks mbeecing,internet explorer takes up alot doesnt it. can i also see what kind of PSU i have in computer on device manager or CTRL ALT DEL. i.e 320w.520w etc

    The PSU won't appear as it's not something you install and there's no software associated with it, it just provides power...

    Would something like Belarc Advisor pickup this sort of info? - I can't check as i'm on my Mac at the moment.…tml
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