Quick question about Employment redundancy / Consulation periods

    Bit confused at the minute with the place i work at! We are in the middle of a 90 day consultancy period because they are laying off a number of staff over the UK. My role currently is one of these to go and is due to cease early December. My role though has finished (or will finish) over the next day or two. So effectively i have 5 or 6 weeks with nothing to do.

    However, it looks like they are going to move me into a role which isnt at risk, to learn this. Can they do this though yet still have me down as "at risk of redundancy" when the role they are moving me into isnt? Or are they not allowed to move me to a different position anyways whilst im in this consulation period. Anyone in the know id appreciate a bit of feedback!



    speak to ACAS - they can give you allthe help and advise you need 08457 47 47 47…461

    Hubs JUST gone through the 90day consultancy period... he opted for redundancy while the others took redeployment within the company.The may give you garden leave etc?

    They looking to chippy you over to new role whilst in 90 day consulation?

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    well there are redeployment opportunities available at the place i work yes which i have indeed applied for. Can they move you into a new role during this period then?

    I'd grab the new role, it's up the company to try and find you an alternative role anyway so if the role you are given is permanent and not at risk you should automatically fill that role after the consultation period.

    +1 speak to acas about it.
    Good luck.

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    i have already applied for the new roles available, but was under the impression they couldnt do anything until after the consultation period. As far as im aware whoever applies for these roles has to go through the normal interview process etc, so how can they send you away to learn a new role, having not been interviewed for it yet all at the same time as still being at risk of redundancy. I think yes i will speak to ACAS find out whats what

    The whole point about consultation periods is so the company know exactly what they are doing whilst trying to cause minimum stress to the employees. This gives them time to figure out a best plan of action. In the meantime you just have to hold tight as until this period is over you will not know for certain if you will be made redundant or transferred to a new job role. Good Luck
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