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Found 20th Jul 2009
Possibly a stupid question, but figured I'd ask the good people of HUKD for their answers. Will Harrods let me in if I'm wearing a backpack? The gf thinks she read somewhere that they won't, which I could understand, but at the same time if they search it and find I'm not a suicide bomber then surely it should be sweet?

Any of you English folk got an idea? We're heading to London tomorrow, only staying 'til Thurs but she wants to see Harrods while we're there and being the tourist I am, I'll have my backpack on :P
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Pass..........just take a large carrier bag with you and if needs be pop it in there whilst going into Harrods

Full details here:


• Carry rucksacks in your hand rather than on your back or shoulder. T … • Carry rucksacks in your hand rather than on your back or shoulder. This is to prevent damage to displays and ornaments


Full details … Full details here:http://www.harrods.com/HarrodsStore/GlobalPages/ContentPage.aspx?Id=cab4dcfe-8468-46cd-b889-95d7d699855d

Good work, dunno how I missed that :P

Rep left accordingly ^_^

"• Refrain from wearing clothing which may reveal intimate parts of the body, or which portrays offensive pictures or writing" - D'oh!
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