Quick question about o2 mobile contract w/ o2 broadband

    Sup all - I have an o2 Simplicity mobile contract that expires in April. In November I took out o2 home broadband and as an o2 customer obviously got the big discount, £7.34ish/month.

    I was wondering, if I change to another provider in April for mobile (T-Mobile, Voda, etc), will I still receive the discounted bill for the remainder of my o2 home broadband contract (April-November) as I was an o2 customer when I signed my 12 month contract with them?

    Also - a long shot, but is there any way of getting the discount again next year by having a relative (or access or their phone), or do bill payers need to match and bills combined?


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    Answer is NO. The O2 HBB discount is linked to your O2 mobile phone number hence if you try to port out from O2 network to T-Mobile network then you lose the discount of the O2 HBB contract. O2 HBB is usually 12 month contract hence if you took both deals together at the same time with the O2 Simplicity 12 month then you would have benefited till you leave O2. Better to stick to your O2 HBB contract runs out.

    Don't worry about the O2 Simplicity mobile contract as you will have met the minimum 12 months by April 2010 but will not be automatically renewed for you. You can upgrade within 30 days of your contract expires though. Just carry on with the same mobile tariff plan until it expires or you decide to leave O2 network early if not too concerned about the discount.

    As regards to your 2nd question. Could not answer that but you could say that is like on the borderline gray area as I would not think that O2 network would allow this to try to keep existing loyal O2 customers registered discount applicable to only one individual. Ask yourself, are you been loyal by moving your MPN to another network provider? O2 network don't allow name changes to accounts after been setup due to credit check vetting procedures otherwise you will have people who have been with O2 for years & years with any loyalty discount on the discounted accounts been passed around & not upgrading tariffs just to keep older plans. You wil be better to ask the specific question to O2 directly on that but wpu;d not surprise me if they refuse. Have you read the O2 service T&C's on your contract?

    BTW, O2 network will be introducing a new product/service called O2 Landline in March 2010. So may worth looking into to compare other landline based service providers like BT/CPW TalkTalk.
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