Quick question about Rapidshare manager - help please?

    Hi all.

    I have paid for a premium account with Rapidshare and have downloaded Rapidshare manager. All was working perfectly until a couple of days ago.
    Now, when I add a list of link to the download manager, the first 5 links will say 'active' next to it, but the percentage doesn't move, it just stays on 0%

    Anyone know what's happening, please?


    Try rapget instead


    Try rapget instead

    +1 using now :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    can i use it with rapidshare?
    I m sure I downloaded this the other day, Strike, when you told me the other day by PM and I took it off cos it wouldn't work properly (cant remember what :giggle:)

    yes use it via rapidshare

    so easy to use.

    Original Poster


    yes use it via rapidshareso easy to use.

    k, will give it another try after

    Yea you can, im using it now.

    Just need to put your login and password in the settings bit of it.

    I use internet download manager...easy.

    Original Poster

    Not working either, it just says 'waiting' :thinking:

    If your using a download manager go to the main rapidshare page and login in, go to your acccount settings make sure allow direct downloads is ticked, also as mentioned make sure you enter the login and password into the download manager your using, actually if it was working fine before you have probally hit your bandwith limit for the time being.Log into your account on the homepage and check how much current traffic you have left, you probally have to wait a couple of days if you have been downloading heavily i am sure they have a stricter limit than when i last used them

    Im not sure if i can post a link so il PM you it.
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