Quick Question Cheap Drinks Cans (6 for £1 anywhere?)

    As title, need about 12 of a few varieties for a small party



    Coke bogof at the CO-OP, £2.29 i think for 12 cans all in


    £2.35 for 12x330ml Pepsi @ Farmfoods


    EDIT: Sorry, didn't realise you were looking for a mix.

    Poundland do 4x330ml individual cans for £1, so £3 all in

    lidl do 5 pepsi for £1

    £1 shops

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    Sorry, noticed it's not clear, like 12 pepsi, 12 dr pep, 12 lilt etc.

    someone was coming out of morrisons yesterday with loads of coke I think its on offer, think I saw the deal on here too
    also think it wa £3 for 24

    no just found it it was 16 cans of coke or diet coke for £4:)

    You can get 8 Ace for a quid.

    Poundlands probably your best bet.


    Poundlands probably your best bet.

    when ive got them there usually flat, although the bottles of lucozade i got awhile ago were good so maybe worth a try

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    thanks everyone my part to arrrange sorted!

    farmfoods do 5 cans for £1 and you can mix and match from pepsi, diet pepsi, 7up, and alsotango i think :thumbsup:

    Morrisons are doin Pepsi & Max, tango ,7 up and all the sugar free as well 6 cans for £1
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