Quick Question for those who have Wii's

    Does the blue light on your console stay constant or flash now and then? What is it? Just a bit curious...

    How is it meant to be and what is it?


    It flashes and goes on whe you put a disc in and take it out,otherwise its off

    sometimes it flashes when it is updating itself if its connected to phoneline

    it flashes when there is an update availiable when you turn it on it should tell you about it.

    mine was flashing this morning too so I assume there has been an update.

    I assume you've got it connected to the internet.

    I think it also flashes if someone sends you a message on it & there is a hack to get it to flash all the time but I havn't done that.


    The light flashes when you have received an email/message.

    There is the option to turn it off in the settings somewhere.

    If you want to leave it on, just send yourself an email and don't read it!

    Your email address of your Wii will be...

    W[Insert Wii Number]

    Your Wii number can be found on the first page of your address book :thumbsup:

    Its that always-on thing that means the blue light is on.

    Basically puts the Wii into standby so it downloads updates etc.
    Need to switch it off in settings somewhere as it is annoying if its on all the time.

    Original Poster

    Thanks all who responded, cheers.

    i have to b honest - it looks rather cool with the thing flashing

    mine was flashin and i immediatly think my lil one as been tryin to put her fingers in there... its only today i clicked on it was cuz i've got a msg - real clever though!

    It suppose to flash blue then take off and land again , then u know u have a fully working Wii

    aaaaaah - is that what those holes at the back are for? turbo boost...

    Carnival is good fun.....:thumbsup:
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