Quick question - If I do an AS Level, is it 100% exams or some coursework too?

Would really appreciate the answer

Am looking at chemistry in particular

Thanks x


It depends on the course, My mate did Chemistry last year and did a lot of tests like 20 1 hour practicals or something like that

both - can't recall anyone I know doing an A level which didn't have some coursework. And for Chemistry, as above, the practical tests are a big part of the course so there will undoubtedly be c/w

As far as i'm aware, its a mix of both coursework and exams. Also it depends on which exam board you are taking the test from. I was with Edexcel and you got to do exams as well as assessed experiments. HTH

Original Poster

It would be edexcel.

I am already doing BTec level 3 in Science but ideally need A Level Chemistry to go onto pharmacy.
Am considering enrolling on AS Level Chemistry now but am already overloaded with coursework from BTec (which is 100% coursework) so don't want anymore.
If it is exams and experiments then that would be good for me. I will ask my chemistry teacher tomorrow but was hoping for a quick definitive answer so I can make a decision.

Thanks for answering everyone
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