Quick question re faulty ps3 if anyone can help?

    We have a ylod 80gb console and another 80gb console which doesn't read discs.
    Would it be as simple as taking the faulty disc drive out of one and replacing it with the other one from the ylod console?(or is the disc drive no good on that now?)


    If they use the same type of drive yes if you change the controller cards over as well a lot of faff.

    blue ray drives are keyed to the motherboard so swapping wont work.There are 2 chips on the drive pcb that carry the keys and can be swapped between the working drive and the faulty but this is hard as one of them is a bga package! Your best bet is to try swapping the laser from your working drive to the faulty one, its the much easier option!
    There are many tuts on the web (Google!) to help you with taking the ps3 and its blue ray drive apart its not that hard.
    Hope this helps..

    Yes, you can.

    It's pretty straight forward to do if you watch vids on Youtube.

    Original Poster

    Thank you both, I'll look for some videos on youtube

    Get an xbo................ok i won't (but you know someone else will lol)
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